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Chesterfield Chiropractor | Dr. Janet Yarger

Chiropractic helped me manage my allergies!

Dr. Janet Yarger

The St. Louis area is known for producing a lot of allergy sufferers and I was among that group that suffered with seasonal allergies. The symptoms had become so bad that I was told I needed to have sinus surgery to fix my constant battle with allergies and sinusitis. What an option! A friend told me to go see her chiropractor instead. I thought to myself was she joking. I ended up going just to check it out and it changed my life. I was able to avoid surgery and now have a way of managing allergies and overall sinus health without drugs or surgery.

So after years of going to a chiropractor and getting wonderful results in improved health I made the jump from being a patient to becoming a doctor. I had always wanted to be a doctor, but I could not see myself prescribing medications because I saw that as just putting a band-aid on a problem and not getting to the root of the problem. I wanted to be able to help people fix the root of their problems.

One day I was telling my pastor that I had always wanted to be a doctor and that I was thinking about becoming a chiropractor. And without blinking she said, “Well just do it.” That conversation changed the course of my life. Now I am able to help people reach their fullest potential concerning their health.

Chiropractic Education

I went to Logan College of Chiropractic because it was located in the St. Louis area. However, after being at Logan I realized that I was at one of the top chiropractic colleges in the country. One of the most interesting courses that I took at Logan was taught by Dr. Patrick Montgomery. I greatly respect him as a professional and a person. The course he taught was on chiropractic and the treatment of scoliosis. This course changed my perspective on scoliosis. This helped me to realize that chiropractic can help those with scoliosis.

My goal is to get to the root of the problem. Health care band-aids only temporarily address the many problems that people face concerning their health. I get excited when a patient realizes that they have another option through chiropractic to improve their health.

When someone sees that they have hope concerning their problem that is priceless. Every person has a unique situation. It is my focus to determine the best way to deliver that care. To help me deliver optimum care, a careful examination of each patient is necessary as I investigate the root of their problem.

On a personal note…

I am originally from rural Iowa and am the youngest of five. I am actively involved in church with the youth group and seminary. Being involved in ministering to the spiritual needs of people is a blessing and helps me to stay grounded as a doctor.

If I feel a sniffle coming on I get adjusted. In my training to become a chiropractor I learned that we are more than just muscles and bones, but our nervous system is essential to our overall health. I get adjusted on a regular basis because I want to keep my nervous system running like a well oiled machine.

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